Tallinn Shooting Club

Our fully licensed shooting club offers great experience in shooting broad range of fire weapons.
You may experience hand weapons like the Glock pistols (very popular with police forces), Dirty-Harry .44 Magnum revolver (as well his weaker brothers from the Smith&Wesson factory), Israeli .50 Desert Eagle - the most powerful military pistol in world. Rifles are represented by the GSG 5 .22LR (a semiautomatic clone of a famous submachine gun MP5 equipped with red dot sight and silencer), AK-47 Kalashnikov (the most famous automatic rifle of 20th century - that found it's way to some Holywood classics like the Rambo series as well as to official flag of Mozambique), Yankees infantry basic equipment - M4 5,56 NATO (US military assault rifle equipped with illuminated optical sight and other accessories). The tactical shotgun (the extended arm of Arnold Schwarzenger's Terminator characters) is so authentique in the indoor premises of our shooting club.

Tallinn Stag Do

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