Nightlife - Tallinn after sunset

If you're after an unforgettable partying, Tallinn is the place. From beer halls to serious clubbing or just a late drink and a dance, you can be sure that your stag party finds all this in Tallinn. The visitors of Tallinn usually head to the medieval Old Town, where all major nightlife venue are concentrated within walking distance.
As Tallinn is located in north of Europe (above the most northern Scotland), the summer features very short nights, so returning to your hotel after dawn is the standard here.
Our Tallinn nightlife pack of activities does not end with conventional pub crawls and bar tours, we have several purpose made events, that may even shake stag's decision about whom to marry. Just think about eating your dinner from a gorgeous and naked body of Baltic beauty or prebooked entry to X Club - the best of Tallinn striptease clubs.

Tallinn Stag Do

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